BREMSENBREMSE® - insectprotection for extreme hard cases

Product number: MM3001V
118.00 $/Liter

BREMSENBREMSE * has a reliable, long lasting effect against undesirable insects such as horse-flies, ticks, blackflies, flies and mosquitos. It protects horses during their daily work, on the pasture, in the stable or on tournaments.
Cares for the skin with moisturizing Aloe Vera, Sesame Oil, Avocado Oil and Walnut Oil.
BREMSENBREMSE has been tested allergologically and dermatologically and can also be applied to sore parts of the skin as well as nostrils and underside of horses, cats and dogs. The extra strong repellent effect is achieved through a combination of Geraniol and the EPA-approved insect repellent IR3535 (effective for humans and animals) which has proven itself for over 30 years.

  • effective coverage and duration of action
  • against horse-flies, flies, ticks, midges, mosquitos
  • with improved combination of ingredients
  • to be used on humans and animals
  • leaves no stains, also to be used on fair coats
  • Now as a GEL:
    • with maximized active agent content, yet skin-friendly and odoriferous
    • for sensitive parts of the skin
    • reliable and hygenic dispenser
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